Friday, December 15


the physical features are six months old at least. but the ideas and thought gleaned off them-
relevent. theres a backlog of years to mull over, even as the minutes tick away. but-
grateful for having caught the sparks, and been irrevocably changed by;

[koeln. river rhein.] each city has a different vibe that reverbrates strongest ground up. perhaps looking upwards to the egalitarian sky blurs all distinction we believe we have. good therapy for the egoistic and depressed.?

[koeln dom]. advice: have passion. have vision. then build like crazy.

[pferde. wo?. while cycling with peishan] desktop material is stuff that reaches inspiration level.


[an der grillabend. ?] admiration for their family. gratitude and love. and i am the observing shadow to their colourful vital lives.

eternity. spirit. nature. belief. concentrated unabiding warmth.