Sunday, March 23

too much stuff.

[singapore. bugis, opposite kwan im thong hood cho temple]

after a while, there was too much to snap. too many sights and wonders and trivia to put a frame around and ogle and muse at.

then- a nondescript alley, marked off by a tree laden with birds.
huh, what's that?, i asked.

... its interesting how cordoning off random stuff immediately focuses attention on it.
im glad annie leonard decided to do exactly that with her story of stuff.

have a look for a real perspective on the stuff in our lives.

-if you can go out shopping within 24hours of that, you are truly hardened.

Tuesday, March 11

back into the green womb.

[north carolina, usa. along the haw river. -via lj.landscape]

take leave,
not only of yourself, but the masses around you.
replace human noise and excess
with natural calm and utility.

why do we not know you enough.

Wednesday, March 5

look closer. and wider.

if the world is as our perpectives, then there are indeed as many worlds are there are people. looking at pictures of children both reminds you of the children, the untainted innocents, in the world, and of the world inhabited by them:

first the ability to see without judgement,
then the gift of seeing, always, for the first time
not an as if, but an ever renewed wonder,

and finally, perhaps, the skill of invigoration through the very act of seeing.

[ berlin. all images by santiago mostyn]

the next generation unfolds to remind the tired and numbed-
one of many: the use and gift of our sight,
unencumbered by prejudice,
freed from dulled expectations,
taking in life as it sees.

to look into his eyes
is to take on his world. and all that is within and without suddenly jars with yours.
knocked off your crusted stance
one breathes, fleetingly, the air of his world.

[germany. by santiago mostyn]