Monday, June 29

feel better when

[stonehenge. naturewhispers]
'd been looking and looking.
this time, the search was
not for an 'it' factor.
but hunger, to
know, feel, be,
how it must have been like-

and then. as always, others have said it first, and always the same.

i think and think and think,
i've thought myself out of happiness one million times,
but never once into it.
- everything is illuminated. jonathan safran foer.

..and it,
it never is what one thinks it is.

[ .telegraph ]

365,000 people.
the northern solstice is the summer solstice is the winter solstice, depending on.
when the sun directly sits above the constellation cancer ,

- or not.

Monday, June 22

seeing is inspiring/ god is in the details.

[ holland, keukenhof gardens. from yx]

i once heard, someone say, that god is in the details. more precisely, someone had given it as a quick, deliberate, advice to a young greenhorn, all too quick to dash impressive strokes. but good intentions, boldly executed, sometimes neglect the underlying lines that tie logic together.

god is in the details-

i had forgotten pleasures and ideals that express themselves on earthly plains; i did not see that ideas and wishes are delineated according to simple lines. a person of heart helped me realise the first, and im glad -to keep with fairytale- one of letters taught me the second.

to live and write simply must be the greatest challenge of them all. we must love, uncomplicated, unburdened and complete. we must learn to express with both ardour and clarity. and for each, im learning the importance of first receiving openly, without complications or burden. daily i find we live messily and speak too crudely; daily i wake up vaguely remembering and continue on blind.

-that god is in the details.

and in the details of now.
a book going into the in-betweens of the writer who spawned that quote:

Le bon Dieu est dans le detail

for every each that we do not even imagine,
let us be vigilant for every that we know of


Wednesday, June 17

make death.

[ uk. from may miles thomas' the devil's plantation]

-that reveals the hidden tracks that cross the city, connecting the old and new. Here May stumbles over the city's myths and stomps on its remains: city of murder, architecture, industry, ill-health, feral violence, petty corruption, neddery, new money, crime and the 2014 Commonwealth Games. Not so much Glasgow as Glasgone:

"Several years ago on a rare trip to London, I struggled to tell an acquaintance about an idea I had for a project based in Glasgow. I had only a loose notion – possibly some kind of film, possibly a piece of writing - about my love/hate relationship with my home city. At that time my Garnethill flat overlooked the middens behind a Hill Street tenement and my thoughts towards the city were dark. It’s about murder and architecture, I told my friend, unaware of my choice of words. Not death, but murder."

the arrogance of fools is a different breed

you remake into dust
what was grown by time itself.


so we do,
but flippantly so? demeaningly so? must the play of life be a mechanical murder of being and principle.

[ .the cove. movie.]

Saturday, June 13

advertising for human rights.

[ kim jong il. all images from ]

(a data-ack!)

id recently been surprised that government communications and public areas were commissioned to private agencies (but- of course. if even water that flows is). more precisely, i was almost touched that simple figures such as train station 'exit' signs might have been produced by world leading graphic design companies- very lovely that functional pieces could be rethought for better expression, to go easy-on-the-eyes, and perhaps even lean into an art quirk or two..

so why not (one of) the world's biggest PR agencies do up an ad for the International Society for Human Rights Watch. as goes live, german ogilvy and mather go funny:

[mahmoud amadinejad.]

...nice timing too, while kim flexes his nuclear/nuclear ambitions, and iran re-elects its dictator as president. perhaps we really do need the selling power of commercials to remind ourselves of what we ought to fight for, what we ought to be living for.

btw, despite the hype over his main rival reformist mousavi (and his equally reformist wife) and the supposed unpredicting gloom of iran's economy:

Az Zaqqum · 13 hours ago
Astagfirallah!! WTF??

What happened to the women's vote???

Can't believe it.....neither can my dog......woof!

For those who don't know, walking your dog is illegal in Iran.

Tuesday, June 9

y.z. kami's portraits.

[ .by y.z. kami. via dailyserving ]

"kami emphasizes the flux between matter and spirit, life and mortality, the outer layer and the inner soul."

this line hit it for me. is the in-between an ever seductive intangible. its a accessible tie to both extremes; it offers definitions for both.

it promises all but reminds of nothingness.

mmmm- maybe that is why we go on to only stare?

Saturday, June 6

when cows walk on man's land; when children grow under man's grand plans.

[senegal, yoff, dakar. all pictures via the deputy dog ]

[india, dharavi, mumbai. ]

[indonesia, citarum river, west java.]

[italy, naples]

a piece of greeting meat.

[ . from lovecreative ]

there's oh so many things one can read into this. but oh well.

name card design meat and greet meet and greet meat to greet greet meat man of meat man for meat man and meat skin flesh raw power hunt dominance relations earth red blood meet self meat neat suit neat face cold hands killing fields cutting changing using distorting hiding natural