Wednesday, June 17

make death.

[ uk. from may miles thomas' the devil's plantation]

-that reveals the hidden tracks that cross the city, connecting the old and new. Here May stumbles over the city's myths and stomps on its remains: city of murder, architecture, industry, ill-health, feral violence, petty corruption, neddery, new money, crime and the 2014 Commonwealth Games. Not so much Glasgow as Glasgone:

"Several years ago on a rare trip to London, I struggled to tell an acquaintance about an idea I had for a project based in Glasgow. I had only a loose notion – possibly some kind of film, possibly a piece of writing - about my love/hate relationship with my home city. At that time my Garnethill flat overlooked the middens behind a Hill Street tenement and my thoughts towards the city were dark. It’s about murder and architecture, I told my friend, unaware of my choice of words. Not death, but murder."

the arrogance of fools is a different breed

you remake into dust
what was grown by time itself.


so we do,
but flippantly so? demeaningly so? must the play of life be a mechanical murder of being and principle.

[ .the cove. movie.]