Sunday, September 28

manmade: book=art

the last post (also the first one) on a manmade muse was quite a while ago, when the paper shoes by violise lunn completed inverted function into something all aesthetic.

my own bias seems to be apparent by even the second selection on an MMM.. but i believe this is a muse on so many levels, it cant be ignored. so, more paper.

[ from ]

sushi rolls.

like a clean cross-section of the swirl of ideas, stories, lives encased in those books.

[ from ]


the sheer enormity of worlds a book can hold. surreal to see the pages blank, washed clean of the ideas it'd held, scraped and shriven to a paper mass.

[ from ]

if you crush a bubble and release its ideas and intangible forms, leaving its shells behind, where do the dreams go. what else but to gather and cradle the brittle remains?

Friday, September 26

worship. [OR, rule.]

[thailand. bangkok]

i have been spending the whole day in the lib today from 10-10 thinking abt 'why do ppl have religion, why do ppl need religion, wads the sociology in it, how to get out of the psychological path'
i feel kind of disgusted now

that sounds great.
i spent 10-10 thinking y my bosses treat pp like crap, dont do anything n yet still hv money, power and status.

oh u learnt tt before!
think marx and capitalism (:

the quiet carriage

cheer: (: [islam; religiosity; faith and experience]

Monday, September 8


[from alicia bock's bloom, grow, love]

from the solid comfort of earth,
fragrant brown strands,
then lured into the static of the living,
of us and you and them,
and they, and me,
but then back out again,
into the roaring infinite,
of blue, and blue.

...interesting how, if we can look away from the world of people, we see nature (we see the world).

how different. ?.

its space knows no boundaries
and imposes none on you.
there in it:
i may regain my own breath, allow
my self again.

Thursday, September 4


[by sebastian faena. found on foto_decadent]

many ways we've formed relations with a bigger-than-us, an above-us-all,
but in them all, through most times,
if not usually,
we seek to rever and uphold,
to share a private communion,
for its fever to sweep away our ill-understandings,
to bleed and surrender our selves to its greater will, knowing it is Good.

..obviously, mixing spiritual religion and hard nudeness like this will invite both the Artsy Applause and the Sacred Disapprovals.. take it as a physical manifestation of our complex spiritual, sometimes emotion-drenched, yearnings


and you'll find yourself, perhaps, actually painted in a prettier version in the pictures above.

Love and Truth, show me your way.

[ .found in back in skinnyjeans]

are they necessarily in different directions?

.. excuse me while i stand at the crossroads of answering that.