Saturday, August 18

lack of pictures and ideas. hence-

/like immersion; being wholly and purely within another. what is necessary for one to truly experience through another.
/the processes that guide development of our attachments, connections, relationships.
/remembering people; who and what are we really remembering and reminiscing about.


Monday, August 6

question #1.

theres another kind of wondrous travelling; traversing the internal mind via textural soundscapes.
learning of another world, seeking through another sense, being with/of/in another.
//rose tinted view
and satellites that compromise
the truth

but i wanted more
with the cuts and the bruises

it drives me away
but it turns me
like a stranger's love

(faith) rockets through the universe
it fuels the lies and feeds the curse

:: muse

[luang prabang.] alms giving

[vientiene. nong duang]
faith is believing is what you know to be false.
-time too swift. margaret poynter

[[from sau yan
[[paris. notre dame]