Tuesday, October 16

"-For the entire life people act like a moth attracted to the flame, completely hallucinated, completely deceived, not knowing the flame will burn, that it is completely other than what it appears.

Even though they get burned, while they still have the power to fly they will continue to go towards the flame.

-Lama Zopa Rinpoche

perhaps it is their ability to look out and never lose sight of within, to turn the ear away from whispers of halftruths- their ability to turn their back on us.

all of our uncertainties do not faze them,
all of that which glitters and promises instant gratification, they look in compassion as it already begins disintegrating.
they live the longterm, the constant wind, the eternal principles,

and leave us to paint sordid colours to this world we inhabit,
obscuring further and further our own vision,
and marring deeper and deeper the form of Truth.