Thursday, August 31

Hamburg. mit freunde

[hamburg hauptbahnhof]. on the train to luebeck.

apparently. the thick skin of bananas blocks out flourescent lightning and the vitamins can reduce eye bags.

Thursday, August 24

Schlafen! ( Snooze Edition) +mehr

O sleep, O gentle sleep,
Nature's soft nurse, how have I frighted thee,
That thou no more wilt weigh my eyelids down
And steep my sense in forgetfulness?
~William Shakespeare, Henry IV, Part I

..."okai. couldnt resist; sort of became a joke, how easily we slept.."

(caught most of ) the whole bus sleeping to Ruhrgebiet. except, gordon and weihan- who refused to sleep for the camera.


Tuesday, August 15

theferrett goes to germany.

theferrett delivers. on germany!.

"I have hard proof that there are cultures that don't give a shit about the USA; as it turns out they really do prefer to speak German when we're not around. ...There is a feeling of age here, so pervasive that you begin to feel callow for coming from such a new and raw country. "

he also mentioned, "Ah, we know about the fairytale castle but have no interest - not only is it a "for show" castle, but apparently they rush you through the whole thing for an exorbitant fee. We'd rather go see the fun stuff for free!"

then some others noted, " The total apathy towards US culture really let me learn to blend in and LEARN...The walking route you've noted up there is what my German host parents used to call "eine Bummel" - a stroll. The first time they asked me if I felt like "going for a stroll", I had no idea that their idea of strolling included several miles of hiking!

I miss Germany so much. Thanks for sharing your adventure. It's giving me a little case of Heimweh, but it's making me grin like a fool, too."

i say, "ditto." enjoy trailing along his thoughts and little discoveries and epiphanies. it reinforces the idea that travel (in the purest sense of the word) Changes; travel Kneads one's self. not necessarily all positive, but that isnt the point.

[on the train towards Fussen] the scene just Before I Clicked was better.

serendipitous how my favourite, and more eloquent, blogger actually goes off to germany right after us, lending me another wonderful perspective into the country, extending my internal meandering a little longer, letting me 'stay' within that sphere longer.

Saturday, August 12


while searching for That EisCafe. saw this. was ist das?

concentrate on that hot cocoa.

centre spread- the K├Ânig of all eis- is.. tropical?

fantastic view of ice cream in front on table; turn behind to see lovely view of flowers and entire stretch of the street.

left- dixie's vanilla with hot chocolate. right- copa bocca.

yes. you can eat my copa bocca. :P ... almost fertig.


Thursday, August 10


intermittent recollection.

"arbeit macht frei". struck once- entrance.

"looklook. that lady there's taking a picture of us." struck twice- bunch of kids sitting alone in the shade, outside.
[Dachau Concentration Camp]


"After 65 years, I have found the sister who I love," Simon Glasberg said Monday in heavily accented English, his eyes filling with tears. "I can't stop kissing her."

Wednesday, August 9

Monday, August 7

mit freunde.

mostly random pictures with you guys in it. had a good laugh looking over them.. hope you dont mind me gleefully capturing some of your more candid (and hence, potentially less glamorous) moments =>

ja- guten appetit :P

hear dixie roar.


maggie in midflight. so calm!

charlene on swift ascent.

can still hear the shrieks. :l

[grillabend. muenster]

[ at the englishergarten. ] was amused at the girls doing taichi.

[ munich altstadt] pei shan and i politely forced dixie to try a raspberry.

[in front of munich's alter rathaus] looking at maggie.

[ bonn] both weihan and beethoven mastered the angsty look.

[ landshaftmuseum at bochum] wenda manning the phones.

pei shan habt ein Vogel. dixie's Vogel is under her cap.

[boe viscering (?)] the two grim people in the painting contrasts against the two laughing below. eerily.

[ landshaftmuseum] the lady doesnt look too amused by the clowning around. :P

[nordsee. muenster's prinzipalmarkt] the last supper. great fish!

[klassraum. robertkochstr] maggie's birthday! cant decide whether glory's apple pie or the napkin on maggie's neck looks cuter.

[am aasee. field] silly laughter. eyebags. but heck- its a happy field.

dixie macham diva. great doll idea.
[muhlenhof museum.]

[der Send. muenster]

[ duesseldorf] erste tag. frisch brot. frisch 'face'.