Monday, August 7

mit freunde.

mostly random pictures with you guys in it. had a good laugh looking over them.. hope you dont mind me gleefully capturing some of your more candid (and hence, potentially less glamorous) moments =>

ja- guten appetit :P

hear dixie roar.


maggie in midflight. so calm!

charlene on swift ascent.

can still hear the shrieks. :l

[grillabend. muenster]

[ at the englishergarten. ] was amused at the girls doing taichi.

[ munich altstadt] pei shan and i politely forced dixie to try a raspberry.

[in front of munich's alter rathaus] looking at maggie.

[ bonn] both weihan and beethoven mastered the angsty look.

[ landshaftmuseum at bochum] wenda manning the phones.

pei shan habt ein Vogel. dixie's Vogel is under her cap.

[boe viscering (?)] the two grim people in the painting contrasts against the two laughing below. eerily.

[ landshaftmuseum] the lady doesnt look too amused by the clowning around. :P

[nordsee. muenster's prinzipalmarkt] the last supper. great fish!

[klassraum. robertkochstr] maggie's birthday! cant decide whether glory's apple pie or the napkin on maggie's neck looks cuter.

[am aasee. field] silly laughter. eyebags. but heck- its a happy field.

dixie macham diva. great doll idea.
[muhlenhof museum.]

[der Send. muenster]

[ duesseldorf] erste tag. frisch brot. frisch 'face'.

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