Saturday, August 5

am Aasee. mit frau seedorf und freunde.

pei shan cheering on friends or calling to the swan?

the young swan.
note: both dixie and swan looking peacefully in the same direction.

someone's forgetting boat safety.

hail elizabeth!

pei shan eating suan mei for energy.

love love paddling, aber nicht wirklich 'synchronised'.

charlies angels. in case the pose failed.

note: shirt the same colour as the aasee!

captain audrey. pondering the obstacle ahead.

great pic!

the other boat- with the spontaneous stripping wenda.

when the sun blazes like that, one must play with shadows!

head tilt reflects soreness of legs.

shadow trails left in the water.

aufpassen, frau seedorf. look at gordon's cunning smile.

marcus leaps across 3metres of water! gordon cant believe it.

theres the white swan floating in its usual position in the middle of the aasee. jutta (meine gastmutter) said, apparently, the young black duck thought it was its mom/ sweetheart and followed it for weeks after it was born.

two little boys in a sailboat.

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