Thursday, August 3

alles mit pei shan.

left on table: zhu. right standing: zhu /ok. i made you do that. sorry!
[jaeger's hostel]

pst. like this pic!

smiles on our faces. feet in the bloody kalt river.

[englishergarten] the Lethal-Tanned-Foot-Kick! THIS is in return for...

[boe viscering(?)] THIS!

(from Muenster2)

[shucks. whats that hill of ash and coal called. ] die Sonne war sehr hell.

(from Muenster1)

time to Share-A-Strawberry. big and fat, the berry.

the Erdbeeren warriors.

ate too many strawberries? this is what happens after a longlong walk through a prinzipalmarkt with no public benches to sit on. rested on some railing outside a shop and uh, pei shan showed me her 'face' for the first time.

pink fingers.

evil grin*

note: her arms straining with the weight..

...of strawberries that she ll turn into jam later.

along the road to the erdbeeren farm...

...wir haben viele viele 'dandelions' gesehen...

... und haben Blumen 'ge-blowen'.

pei shan likes weeds.

big wilmergasse window- all the better to look out from.

when muenster rained. when our pillion- riding attempt failed. when waiting for margaret to rescue us with her car.

thanks for indulging my healthy interest in nuns. compare/ contrast girls and nuns.

charlene. pei shan. dixie. intersection of wilmergasse/ hindenburgplatz.

team B! marcus gazing into the distance for the missing wenda.

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