Sunday, June 24

(of words.)

[attempt aborted. 250607]
no matter the time, no matter the despair,
may truth and all that is eternal be revealed such that we receive
without prejudice without bias,
but with clarity, grace and wisdom to
renew its use and life through us;
multiplying itself infinitely through us.

fundamental to the issue of you and me as we are here on earth:
ultimately connected or apart.
//what of this ceaseless drive to bridge the gap, imagined or real.

problem: because we do not speak like we write, and we do not listen like we read.
solution: --

[vientiene.] one's critique is not within the other's concern.

[vientiene. patouxai monument] lead me in to the caverns of your innnermost thoughts; delight and enthrall me with new visions and take me where your gaze goes.

[vientiene. that luang] mirage-like; radical promises. turn awayfrom/ to fact/fiction?

[that luang.] is it more with faith or knowing that you pray with. perhaps the former is sufficient for contentment.
do we, too, communicate like the blind with the blind, each seeking an imagined other desperately, each receiving something different from what is offered.

[nong duang sec.] regarding the one-on-ones: all i yearn for, [unarticulated].

[nong duang sec.] the cohesive power of music, of song, of sound.

[vientiene. talat sao]

[nong duang sec.] how do invisible bonds form without aid of concrete language or solidifying time?

conclusion?: irrevocably alone, if only by our own boundaries, anxieties and turmoil washing us into an ever shrinking spiral.

Thursday, June 21

with 3:36min.

they are not
departed or gone,
they brought me their comfort
and later they brought me this song.
o i hope you run into them
you whove been traveling so long.
yes, you who must leave everything
that you cannot control;
it begins with your family,
but soon it comes round to your soul.
well, ive been where youre hanging
i think i can see how youre pinned.
when youre not feeling holy,
your loneliness says that youve sinned.
they (came) beside me
i made my confession to them.
they touched both my eyes
(and i)

if your life is a leaf
that the seasons tear off and condemn

they will bind you with love
that is graceful and green as a stem

when i left they were sleeping,
"i hope you run into them soon".

dont turn on the light
you can read their address by the moon;

and you wont make me jealous
if I hear that they sweeten your night

we werent lovers like that
(and besides it would still be all right
we werent lovers like that
and besides it would still be all right.) ""

- from sisters of mercy
by. serena ryder.
originally performed by. leonard cohen.

Monday, June 18

candidly. part two.

dennis running away in horror from the lao-bins.

[nong duang sec.] seetha wins best-fish-award.

vasudha: master karate-chef. seetha: sliced fish.

i like this one of jas grinning. and alvin n honcheng stuffing their faces in the background. :p

everyone reaarranging their hair at the same time.

the edwinhands again. im beginning to think the honchenghands and edwinhands are interchangeable.

[vientiene. patouxai monument] grand boss smiling. savour it.

kannan playing god.

[patouxai monument.] dennis literally taking one for the team.

[vientiene. wet market] weiling looking for defects in the chicken.

seetha showing exactly how her hips dont lie. :D

[vientiene. peanut market] jolyn refusing a laotian offer.

[singapore embassy.] yuxin looking her most formidable.

discussing serious covert missions.

[vientiene. french restaurant] thanks for the treat.

Thursday, June 14


a bulk of life in laos was what happened between the posed shots. :D trust these give you as many chuckles as it did for me.

okay. tak glam?
but seriously, what the hell, take one for the team. dont angst.

[mekong river. along] yes seetha. hips sure dont lie.

i reckon this is how vasudha will look like arguing in court in the future.

[vientiene. dragon lodge] somethings very wrong with your bag!

[vientiene. cultural hall] harnessing the lao.

[nong duang sec.] aw.

[whose house?.] how many blue-coloured items can you find in this pic?

[nong duang sec.] singapore comrades swooping in.

alvin: 'if you let me ride your bike, ill give you 10 000 kip.'
kii: '(alvin is a nice person, but he thinks im stupid).'

[dragon lodge.] perfect line of symmetry between yuxin and seetha.

[vientiene. quai fangum] indy herding the team.

[vientiene. v-shop] yuxin is incoherent with joy after getting her yoghurt.

Be yourself... only BE-ER

[outside udon thani airport. restaurant] rachel and jasmine checking the logistics of their first tea.

[immigration checkpoint.] is it.., cant be, but it looks like- honcheng doing the edwinhands.

[vientiene. wet market] vasudha strumming the rattan.

indy and the leaning rattans of lao.

honcheng preparing for another lethal round of phototaking.

kannan trying to cheat a little girl.

vasudha got this garlic For Free. seetha is unimpressed.

[nongduang. friendship library] indy-radio.