Monday, June 18

candidly. part two.

dennis running away in horror from the lao-bins.

[nong duang sec.] seetha wins best-fish-award.

vasudha: master karate-chef. seetha: sliced fish.

i like this one of jas grinning. and alvin n honcheng stuffing their faces in the background. :p

everyone reaarranging their hair at the same time.

the edwinhands again. im beginning to think the honchenghands and edwinhands are interchangeable.

[vientiene. patouxai monument] grand boss smiling. savour it.

kannan playing god.

[patouxai monument.] dennis literally taking one for the team.

[vientiene. wet market] weiling looking for defects in the chicken.

seetha showing exactly how her hips dont lie. :D

[vientiene. peanut market] jolyn refusing a laotian offer.

[singapore embassy.] yuxin looking her most formidable.

discussing serious covert missions.

[vientiene. french restaurant] thanks for the treat.

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