Thursday, June 14


a bulk of life in laos was what happened between the posed shots. :D trust these give you as many chuckles as it did for me.

okay. tak glam?
but seriously, what the hell, take one for the team. dont angst.

[mekong river. along] yes seetha. hips sure dont lie.

i reckon this is how vasudha will look like arguing in court in the future.

[vientiene. dragon lodge] somethings very wrong with your bag!

[vientiene. cultural hall] harnessing the lao.

[nong duang sec.] aw.

[whose house?.] how many blue-coloured items can you find in this pic?

[nong duang sec.] singapore comrades swooping in.

alvin: 'if you let me ride your bike, ill give you 10 000 kip.'
kii: '(alvin is a nice person, but he thinks im stupid).'

[dragon lodge.] perfect line of symmetry between yuxin and seetha.

[vientiene. quai fangum] indy herding the team.

[vientiene. v-shop] yuxin is incoherent with joy after getting her yoghurt.

Be yourself... only BE-ER

[outside udon thani airport. restaurant] rachel and jasmine checking the logistics of their first tea.

[immigration checkpoint.] is it.., cant be, but it looks like- honcheng doing the edwinhands.

[vientiene. wet market] vasudha strumming the rattan.

indy and the leaning rattans of lao.

honcheng preparing for another lethal round of phototaking.

kannan trying to cheat a little girl.

vasudha got this garlic For Free. seetha is unimpressed.

[nongduang. friendship library] indy-radio.

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