Thursday, June 14

the kids.

main purpose; main ideal- hawng samut mittabhab project
[vientiene. nong duang secondary school]

oh the anticipation and trepidation.
even a blank physical structure confronted one with alien concepts of what it must all be like.

i trust it wasnt a JK-at-first-sight look.

1st day. mental static from the multiple train of thoughts in this picture:
was very much struck by kii (green shirt) the first time i saw him sitting at the first table near the classroom door.

2nd day of lessons. to be able to be unabashedly gay.

arts&craft day (of madness): this was perhaps the point of time when it all seemed to unravel, with the last opportunity for such close interaction with the kids, with the preparation for the opening ceremony the next to come, signalling the end of our formal part in the project, and foreshadowing the beginning of the end of our time together in laos.

apart from this being one of the better composed photos (methinks), i remember this moment as a final rush to cater to a boy who'd been waiting (and sweating) around for the longest time, starting origami patterns only to stop midway around Step#126, trying to look interested in the jewellery making. then having honcheng swoop in with a ginormous sheet of paper and seeing them three engaged in full common concentration; different hands from different lives working in tandem together.

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