Sunday, June 24

(of words.)

[attempt aborted. 250607]
no matter the time, no matter the despair,
may truth and all that is eternal be revealed such that we receive
without prejudice without bias,
but with clarity, grace and wisdom to
renew its use and life through us;
multiplying itself infinitely through us.

fundamental to the issue of you and me as we are here on earth:
ultimately connected or apart.
//what of this ceaseless drive to bridge the gap, imagined or real.

problem: because we do not speak like we write, and we do not listen like we read.
solution: --

[vientiene.] one's critique is not within the other's concern.

[vientiene. patouxai monument] lead me in to the caverns of your innnermost thoughts; delight and enthrall me with new visions and take me where your gaze goes.

[vientiene. that luang] mirage-like; radical promises. turn awayfrom/ to fact/fiction?

[that luang.] is it more with faith or knowing that you pray with. perhaps the former is sufficient for contentment.
do we, too, communicate like the blind with the blind, each seeking an imagined other desperately, each receiving something different from what is offered.

[nong duang sec.] regarding the one-on-ones: all i yearn for, [unarticulated].

[nong duang sec.] the cohesive power of music, of song, of sound.

[vientiene. talat sao]

[nong duang sec.] how do invisible bonds form without aid of concrete language or solidifying time?

conclusion?: irrevocably alone, if only by our own boundaries, anxieties and turmoil washing us into an ever shrinking spiral.

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