Sunday, September 28

manmade: book=art

the last post (also the first one) on a manmade muse was quite a while ago, when the paper shoes by violise lunn completed inverted function into something all aesthetic.

my own bias seems to be apparent by even the second selection on an MMM.. but i believe this is a muse on so many levels, it cant be ignored. so, more paper.

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sushi rolls.

like a clean cross-section of the swirl of ideas, stories, lives encased in those books.

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the sheer enormity of worlds a book can hold. surreal to see the pages blank, washed clean of the ideas it'd held, scraped and shriven to a paper mass.

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if you crush a bubble and release its ideas and intangible forms, leaving its shells behind, where do the dreams go. what else but to gather and cradle the brittle remains?

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