Saturday, June 13

advertising for human rights.

[ kim jong il. all images from ]

(a data-ack!)

id recently been surprised that government communications and public areas were commissioned to private agencies (but- of course. if even water that flows is). more precisely, i was almost touched that simple figures such as train station 'exit' signs might have been produced by world leading graphic design companies- very lovely that functional pieces could be rethought for better expression, to go easy-on-the-eyes, and perhaps even lean into an art quirk or two..

so why not (one of) the world's biggest PR agencies do up an ad for the International Society for Human Rights Watch. as goes live, german ogilvy and mather go funny:

[mahmoud amadinejad.]

...nice timing too, while kim flexes his nuclear/nuclear ambitions, and iran re-elects its dictator as president. perhaps we really do need the selling power of commercials to remind ourselves of what we ought to fight for, what we ought to be living for.

btw, despite the hype over his main rival reformist mousavi (and his equally reformist wife) and the supposed unpredicting gloom of iran's economy:

Az Zaqqum · 13 hours ago
Astagfirallah!! WTF??

What happened to the women's vote???

Can't believe it.....neither can my dog......woof!

For those who don't know, walking your dog is illegal in Iran.