Thursday, February 28

from norway.

[by Sølve Sundsbø. via Sophie Richardoz's blog ]

once in a rare while, someone bleeds creativity, painting a world mind- blowing enough that it doesn't look like anything before it, and takes us through a leap into what seems like another dimension.

this world is by norwegian photographer Sølve Sundsbø, in the current issue of French Numéro.

if movement represents invigoration, growth, energy, then this picture is an art of dynamicism in itself...
........ swathes of freed imaginings
obscuring hard form and figure,
erasing fantasy from fact,
and dissolving all boundaries.

yup. it inspires poetry like that.

[northern norway. taken by Thomas Laupstad ]

north of the arctic circle, the sunsets (at midnight!) also seem out of this world. i suppose right in nature itself is where lessons in fantasy can be gleaned.

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