Wednesday, April 2


yes. there are helpful people out there who put their talent and info on youtube and their own blogs, like creature comforts.

... looking at rounded corners immediately made me think of this series ive been keeping for a while.
i dont usually alter or decorate my pictures, preferring to leave them as clean records of a place/event in time
- with both aesthetic warts and technical flaws (both photographer and camera, usually due to ineptitude of former to exploit to advantage the latter).

but borders here isolate and frame the relationship between crane and temple, a foreboding process of construction and reconstruction threatening the obsolete and uneconomical. borders give nostalgia, and importance.

borders remind us to close in on to, pay attention, and draw its meanings imbedded within its delimited area.

looked up and saw contrast.
contrast hints at mutability and change;
or that one would dominant the other.

[singapore. bugis. kwan im thong hood cho temple]

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