Tuesday, May 6

see breeze.

[california, pacifica beach. -from kukyideas]

- the swathes of gray,
insistent thin spills;
you see the architecture of nature
coming together
to create a very pleasing juxtaposition
of harsh and soft,
wet and acrid.
damp salt through your body -
(men only dot the landscape)
-as you turn
letting your vision skim, sail
wide across low, virile waters.
and you hear,
voices, above and around, intermingling
and smell, the sweat
and fervour of pure energy in motion.

(looks like my kind of beach. reminded me of:)

[malaysia. beach at eastern coast of desaru]

right now i'm on the other side of the pane, looking in with awe... that just mere surrender (does not equate) being wholly with Truth, with Freedom, which in it's dangerous moments leads to feeling (seeking) the waves of the ocean closing in around me- no human flesh can resist its insistent pure waves, even if the unfortunate effect is Death. -dec2006

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