Wednesday, July 23

watch him do the talk

breaking protocol here. this isnt a photo (clearly), but his face, the strain in his voice, the heat behind his eyes, and the legacy, the memory, of an entire people drumming in the rhythm of his rant, his cry, his statement- it burns a damn clear picture in my mind.

and calls forth a million other images through humanity- each demanding. each demanding we get up, like he has done.
[oscar brown jr. apologize. ..thanks alecia, for bringing this to the fore]

" i apologise for being black,
for all i am
plus for all i lack
please sir, please ma'am, give me some slack

i apologise for being poor
for being sick and tired and so
since i aint slick
dont know the scope
i apologise

i apologise because i bear
resemblance most black people share
thick lips, flat nose and nappy hair
yes i apologise

i apologise for how i look
for all the lows and blows i took
and lord knows i closed the book

i apologise for all i gave
for letting you make me your slave
and going to my early grave
yes i apologise

i apologise for being caught
for being sold, for being bought
for being told i count
for nought

i apologise for all ive done
for all my toil out in the sun
dont wanna spoil your righteous fun
so i apologise

i apologise and curse my kind
for being fooled, for being blind
for being rude and in your bind

i apologise and curse my feet
for being slow
for being late
because i know its me you hate
why not apologise

i apologise and tip my hat
cos you so rich and free and fat
sonofabitch, thats where its at.
and i apologize
oscar brown jr died, aged 78, 29th may, 1995, of natural causes. he founded the The Oscar Brown, Jr. H.I.P. Legacy Foundation to carry on his work.

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