Saturday, October 18

lace of leaves.

[singapore. chinese gardens]

every once in a while comes the thought, we tend to forget- to look up, as do we neglect to shift, even if just for a breath of fresh air, the perspectives we hold, which form entrenched sediments over a lifetime.

almost by chance i turned upwards.

and then tried to frame off the rest of the mundane earthly world, to peel former associations and understandings, to take away taken-for-grantedness. leaves of a tree obscuring sky became dark patterns across a blue-white patch. and it seems i could appreciate them anew.

... and by the way, for skies further than current latitudes and longitudes,

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october's cloud is the contrail. man-made, but still a cloud.

before this was the no-idea-how-or-why-it-is-formed clouds,
...............the mamma;