Tuesday, November 18

in fashion.

[all photos by tim walker. from foto_decadent ]
you are what you dress
how you dress
you dress what you need

a many layered haunting,
until each bleeds into the other,
smearing a broad thick memory of things past.

these photos by tim walker are breathtakingly beautiful and macabre in the same sweep.

and is not the depths of life the same, in the twists and tumults of emotions, irony of situations, imaginings and dreams, whether in paranoia or grandiose plans.

if the clothes, expressions,
speech, movements,
colours, light
of our physical surroundings turn to mirror our very
thoughts and heart,
old pains and future fears,
i do think earth would turn into a very macabre clownish hell.

will we sympathise with each other more then, having seen through and all.

or, perhaps, it is precisely why we need neat clothes, and careful makeup,
ettiquette and a norm,
clean walkways and obligatory handshakes-

- the japanese let it hang in akhihabara and shinjuku's kabuki-chou. their kinks are world-class. at work and at home, along the streets and in restaurants, they're the sanest, most polite-

so we are sick, daily players in the macabre,
but what curious colours they may make when we manage them well.