Monday, December 22

through the square, past the wall, across the threshold, into the next

[ singapore. boon lay food court]

was sitting there waiting for the other to return to the table, all around was chatter, noise, consumption, motion. a convenient outpost set in a blank wall, half bodies moving, making, giving, in a continuous captivating production. one in uniform would flit to the post, picking up and taking away, a well-practiced manoevre, a confident assignment. warm sustenance appears, swooped up for its destination, nameless, one of many.

so was the inside, one of many. concentrate. and each was an individual amongst many. hands, hips, waists moved to different beats, but all keeping within the same rhythm- making, moving, giving.

and the uniformed making their rounds.

the other returned, and those not to be seen receded.

sustenance magically appears. and all that mattered, and very lovely indeed, was one's chatter, noise, consumption, motion.