Thursday, April 23

depends on what youre blind towards

[ ICZ. the blind ]

[ .circular from The Substation ] often do you get images and talks from the Institute of Critical Zoologists ?

i think theirs is a worthy mission, a timely institute.

not only crucial to the conservation of wildlife, but especially pertinent to our -humankind's- perception of the land we share, lest we become an dominant class of the plundering blind beyond our own kind.

that is to me a greater injustice.

how humans view animals
Urban societies live in relative isolation from animals
our demand and gaze upon them have grown significantly
relationship between animals and humans has reached an appalling state

...We seek to develop a Critical Zoological Gaze that pursues creative, interdisciplinary research that includes perspectives typically ignored by animal studies, such as aesthetics; and to advance unconventional, even radical, means of understanding human and animal relations. The institute also discourages anthropomorphism in the appreciation and understanding of zoology