Sunday, January 20

chanced upon katarina radovic's photos. perhaps it was the unusual, and yet highly pertinent, subject matter (personal ads as conjured by the self), but i was suddenly boggled by the realness of a third persona we harbour,

beneath the Self we project in our interactions with others (myriad in itself),
and above (separate from?) the core self we believe we have at our base,

this third persona also stems from the Self, pointing to our wildest imaginings and heartfelt aspirations, loose from any real-world prohibition, but nevertheless very much tied to our desire to "fit into" that world, albeit dominantly and triumphantly-- a 'hey, look at Me.'

just as personal ads squeeze us into a concentrated strain- inches, typeface, stereo-characteristics, i thought i'd simply lay in their wake,
three words they brought to surface for me.

[ -from katarina radovic.]
dreams- eyes- asunder

underneath- cerebral- double

plea- please - smoke

enchained - aggression - play

hopes - sex - belong

pride - hard - hurt

we typically enter in exchanges with only the Acted Self of another, and from time to time, a sense of fairness and generosity may expand our minds to see the Core Self beneath.

perhaps keeping in mind the Aspired Selves of others may allow compassion to bleed into our hearts, such that we see the weight of ghosts unfulfilled in the people around us.

attempts - reincarnations - heart

on society:

...(and so) i thought studying this decrepit swarm of humankind could yield answers for our (mal)functions. so i read about us, and huff and sigh about it.

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