Tuesday, January 15

random (?) sparks

[after laos. udon thani night market]
puppies upon puppies, in cages, for sale.

[laos. vientiene]
people as conduits for ideals, dreams, truth.
and this, the glaze of memory:
should it be separated from the event itself?

Suddenly had this thought:

if Truth is something already to be found
within us,
and to experience Heaven is to be reunited with Truth,
then Heaven can be enjoyed,
-Heaven can be had-,
right here on earth in our lives.

There really is no dichotomy between Heaven and Earth,
just as the ancients believed-
and we really are connected
with the whole universe.

..Heaven on earth... Can you imagine!

[laos. vientiene]
monks' robes hanging out to dry.

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