Sunday, February 3

in the mood for ( ).

ways of togetherness:

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entwined arms,
cupped faces.
i like how their embrace forms a heart, headed (no pun intended) by the union of a kiss.

[-from ]
liberation /enchainment
movement+growth /status quo
love as life /love as expectation

the light and colours throw all -nature and person- into a harmonious dynamic. even her hair harks back to the bush at the back.
...and dresses as free and light as the clouds above. certainly a contrast against heavy, monolithic wedding gowns.

[-from ]
contemplation from afar?

subtlety, never showing all-
as your eye, cutting down a frame forces one to look beyond the form, already familiar and habitual, towards the details within.

[-from ]
one thing the physical form is good for- intricate entwinnings.

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