Tuesday, February 5


departing from concrete daytodays for
a dip into fantasy and mystical dreamings..

[-from www.mischievousmeg.com/ ]
perhaps our imaginings are truly wider than the circumscribed world around us,
and at least a sense of wonder can suffice for real magic.

magic- merely means the unfathomable, supernatural, the unexplainable.
the unexplained is merely the unknown- to us,
if all life follows a set of laws, a given causation, however random that sequence may seem in itself;
if science has everything explained, and being in awe is seen as a corollary of being in ignorance...
perhaps we should realise


is a factor of being alive, and in awe,
appreciation, gratitude,
and allowing yourself to be engaged and amazed.

[ -from Emsfilm ]
i certainly am amazed by the entire feel of this photo

and the poetry of,

(two shadows merge inseparably,
will time stand still
if its pierced with cold)

twilight descends on our silhouette
how soon
spring comes, how soon spring forgets

... hold time, say it will never begin
old man winter, be our friend.
old man winter, be our friend.

because the more i live,
the more i know:
what's simple is true.


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