Sunday, April 20

i look up to see- a flogo?

[- from]

that is a flogo, a floating/flying logo created from "soap-based foams and lighter-than-air gases such as helium" ...finally bringing into reality childhood daydreams of messages and signs in the lofty sky.

talk about taking innovation to new heights- since the sky is one of the last canvases for man to leave (in this case, temporarily- flogos last for about fifteen minutes) his imprints on.

since i have a love-hate relationship with TVMobile installed on our buses (more hate than love, even after all these years), my heart immediately screamed possible platform for propaganda. ads confront us from left to right, and around, in the form of adverts on buses, in buses, at bus stops, on buildings, between radio songs, among the pages of our magazines. it would indeed complete the loop to have messages of influence in our wide open skies too.

a "marry me" or a "peace" sign seems benevolent enough. but imagine a whole series of mcDs emblazoned across your evening sky. or daily soap (literally huh) operas bringing back the literary form, except you get to read a line a day in a kind of fast-food-fiction... bldgblog has a good post exploring some fun implications.

...messages from above?
it'd be a cruel irony if corporations, that lord over us in every way -economic, political and social- do make regular (and heavy) use of this form to advertise. the invisible hand of our capitalistic gods!

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