Wednesday, April 16

in the under-waters.

id once posted on ethereal beauty, whether manifested in nature itself or conjured through the imaginations of photographers... heres another stream of simply aesthetically pleasing (in quite an ecstatic manner too) photos from zena holloway:

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appearances may be superficial, and hence seem... superficial.
but not all that glints are merely articifial coating, good for applause but not too consequential. sometimes you see a narrative which takes seed inside and grows outwards into tangibility; you get enraptured by a scene which forces you to take pause, and consider.

you get inspired, caught up in sheer delight,
elevated above ordinariness and mundanity.
it infuses you, and sets you on a course (necessarily positive?).
it sits there, but it moves worlds.

that, to me, is most utilitarian. and when aesthetics meet utility, it marries existence and purpose at the highest level.

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