Wednesday, October 22

fight with faith (continued).

[thailand. chiang mai]

what happen when faith turns into a fallible object;
the all-knowing one becomes a scrap of a bygone moment.

or, what happens when it leaves you,
an apparent turn of favour,
an incomprehensible breakdown, abandonment, leaving you bereft.

What happens, whether dumper or dumpee, when we lose faith?

(man + faith) > (man - faith) ?

man - faith = ?

and even more that,
faith = hope + ?
faith -> man?

faith > man

Is it?
faith > man ?
....(?)... ~> faith

says cultural historian Paul S Boyer, author of When Time Shall Be No More: Prophecy Belief in Modern American Culture:

"It is deeply appealing at a psychological level because the idea of meaninglessness is deeply threatening. Human societies have always tried to create some kind of framework of meaning to give history and our own personal lives some kind of significance."